2020 Real Estate Market Review!

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I'm sure glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror! What a year of loss, distress, uncertainty & changes! Yet as with many tragedies there have been some Blessings. I think we have grown closer to our families and friends and certainly "Home" has taken on new meaning & importance.  The great recession of 2008 was started or caused by a huge real estate bubble. The pandemic recession is being saved by real estate sales.

2020 was definitely a year to remember.  The first half filled with fear & uncertainty and the second half a blur of activity & challenges. First, as you can see the average sales price jumped almost 10%! Much of that increase has been caused by the uptick in new construction costs I believe but existing home sale prices have gone up as well. The number of sales is up significantly, a result of the surge in sales from July to the end of the year. The industry made huge transitions and I think responded amazingly well to all the turmoil. Days on market are down considerably as well. 

"CORE AREA" Residential Sales -  Average Sold Price & # Sold Last 10 Years

Average Sold Price -Dave's Alaska Homes

Number of Sold last 10 Years -Daves Alaska Homes


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