Low Inventory Alert! Great for Home Seller's!

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Something Wild Happening that is great for home seller's!

As we start February 2020 there is something happening in the residential market place here in the Valley and it has to do with a historic lack of inventory. As I am talking to other high producing Realtors I hear the same story " I have lots of qualified buyer's but can't find anything"! I took a look at the numbers and that is pretty apparent. Right now there are 96 (about 20%) fewer homes on the market than last year and 122 fewer than 2018! And we had over 400 active homes the week before which dropped to 385 this week which is not normal at all. Pending sales (demand) remains solid. Why is this happening? I haven't figured it out and nobody else seems to understand why either! Not happening at all in Anchorage which had 637 Active listings this week versus 652 last year (2% fewer). 

What this means for seller's is price it right and you will sell quickly with multiple offers more often than not. Even with the cold weather and darkness, there are serious buyers out there. Travis has several "ready to go" home buyers waiting for the right home to hit the market. Below are the numbers going back to 2015 and any thoughts would be appreciated.

We sold this home on Broadway Drive in Midtown Estates in 3 days for full price! Listed Friday, 2 offer's Saturday & offer accepted Monday! If you are curious about your home's value. Lets Talk! 

If you are to sell in the Spring or Summer, NOW is a great time to connect and get to work on a plan. Like what we did on 2101 N Broadway, it got "Sold Quickly for  Full Price" in just 3 days! I first connected with the seller's back in September 2019 and we started getting prepared from there.

Our focus is to: get clear on YOUR GOALS: Put a good PLAN in place: then EXECUTE the plan. 


So Proud of my Son Travis, he just recently got his first buyer sale and he handled the situation very well. The buyer is one of my investor clients for many years and this home is a VA foreclosure that the buyer and his contractor partner plan to fix up and sell in the Spring. It looked like we would be in a multiple offer situation but by acting quickly, VA made a counter to our offer which we quickly accepted taking the property off the market.

There have been a number of foreclosure's hitting the market just this week. Knowing how to approach foreclosures is tricky and having an experienced agent helping is really important especially with tight inventory. Travis will HUSTLE for you!

Whether you are thinking of selling a property, interested in purchasing real estate or investing let's connect. Just give me a call, 907-863-7289. Experience does matter now more than ever.  


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