Is your neighborhood the next hot spot?

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If you suspect that your community is the next trendy neighborhood, you might notice the following changes:

New Businesses Are Moving to Your Area:

Hot new restaurants, boutiques, and hip coffee shops might be the first indication that your neighborhood is up-and-coming. Businesses conduct extensive research before setting up shop, so they often detect the next hot neighborhoods before anyone else.

For Sale Homes Are Spending Less Time on the Market:

We will gladly provide you with data on how long homes are spending on the market (referred to as days on market or DOM). The shorter the DOM, the more desirable the neighborhood.

Houses Are Being Renovated with Modern Details:

Homes that have been remodeled with today's buyers in mind are often the beacons of a popular neighborhood. Look for stylized house numbers, mid-century modern architectural details, and updated landscaping.

Is your neighborhood showing signs that it could be the next hot spot?

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