Happy Valentine's Day from Dave & Travis!

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Real Estate

Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.

When I met my wife Karen, I never knew that I could love someone unconditionally. Then, I became a father. A father's love increases my capacity for love and my level of patience. Now, I have learned the ultimate and perfect love that there is... Being a Grandfather to my precious granddaughter Masa:)

I love my Family

We all have a different kinds of love in our hearts and each kind of love changes us to be a better version of ourselves. 

Love... captures us in a moment and changes us forever.. 

My other kind of LOVE is REAL ESTATE! This is what I do everyday with my youngest son Travis and here's a pretty big change in Mat-su Residential Market in just 2 weeks...

Mat-su Residential Market

The low, low inventory is drastic. Certainly the best time to sell a home for top dollar EVER (And we really NEED listings!). 

We LOVE doing business with you...We LOVE our people. 

May your HOME and HEART be filled with LOVE and JOY this Valentine's Day and throughout the year.



If you or anyone you know has ANY thoughts of buying or selling real estate in 2021, let’s connect to talk about the opportunities available in our market and how to reach your goals.


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