Happy 33rd Anniversary & Doing a Digital Declutter

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Wow! Happy 33rd Anniversary Karen McMillen Johnson and it's hard to believe those years have flown by so FAST!

I am very Blessed and love you even more today!

Happy 33RD Anniversary

We are heading into Anchorage for the weekend with dinner tonight at Simon & Seaforts (not shut down yet I guess!) then tomorrow we are having our 2nd goal setting retreat examining the seven areas of life: Spiritual, Physical Health, Personal, Key relationships, Job, Business & financial life using the 1thing framework. Really looking forward to getting together on our goals and habits. Hard to look very far forward these days but important to try I think. The hardest thing in our lives: it has been a year since we have seen Laiza Beam Johnson and our most precious granddaughter Masa in person. Can't wait to get a hug from our daughter and a snuggle with Masa hopefully soon!


I’m happy to report reaching day 13 of step 1 of a Digital Declutter!

My first step is to eliminate taking in any news media digitally or on TV. I have always been a news junkie, but it just got too distracting, distressing & depressing. Following the framework laid out by a brilliant dude, Cal Newport in his book Digital Minimalism and to a degree in his previous book Deep Work (which deals with the notion that the ability to focus on important things is both increasingly rare and increasingly valuable).

Digital minimalism

Newport is famous for NEVER having had a social media account. I have not thrown the towel in on Facebook because of Family, Friends & Business..but, I am limiting better my time spent on the platform and ruthlessly removing toxic stuff.

One of the huge benefits to limiting digital use is the time you have to do other things of more value.

Focusing on Relationship which really all we have of value

My morning routine is much more productive and satisfying these days. Another person I know doing much the same thing has started going through boxes of old photos to organize and digitize. I think the best thing about doing that is it brings up memories & relationships which is really all we have of value! We are in some crazy times for sure!

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