Dave's Alaska Homes 2019 - A look back!

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2019 was a great year for Dave's Alaska Homes!

We helped 29 families (23 seller's, 6 buyer's) and I appreciate more and more the opportunity to be of service and the trust I get to earn. Learned some lessons of course but don't think anyone went away mad (of course my dear wife's Raspberry Jam helps:-).

The BIG news for 2020 is that I have a partner who just happens to be my son. We are really enjoying the chance to work together and have big goals & a plan to execute for 2020. Our goal is to serve over 60 families this year and we are so thankful for the help of our family, friends, past clients and the people we work with. 

First, let's look at Home Sales in the "core area" of Alaska's beautiful Mat-Su Valley for the last 10 years!  

As you can see, closings were up considerably in 2019 compared to 2018 (up about 8%)!  Also, this was the highest number of homes closed in the last decade! Average Days on Market was also down to 58 (63 in 2018 & 85 in 2009). New Construction home sales remained strong with 315 sold, ($348,000 average sales price, 17% of total sales) versus 290 sold in 2018 ($338,000 average sales price, 17.5% of total sales). 

Steady as she goes with regards to average sales prices with a modest increase from 2018. There has been an almost $60,000 increase since 2009!  

A consistent theme for 2019 was the relative "lack of inventory", or supply compared to 2018 running over 10% less all year long. This chart compares the numbers at 1/6/20 compared to last month and last year. Active listings are at the lowest amount of the year and we will be watching what comes on the market. Fortunately, the number of pending sales (Demand) has been up all year too and the number of sales is up considerably. 

Thank you ALL for making it a great year! 

If you are considering making a move to either buy-sell or both in 2020 it would be a pleasure to help you come up with a plan based on what you want, need, timing, finances, options and execute!       


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