Best Wishes for 2018 & some good information.

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Here it is January third 2018 in Wasilla Alaska and for sure, no igloo's would make it very long! Temps in the 40's while most of the country shivers! I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve about 30 families in 2017 and look forward to 2018. 

I came across the January 2018 Alaska Economic Trends Report and wanted to share. A couple things, the foreclosure rate remains relatively low at .6% (the 10 year average is .9% and the 80's recession saw 10%). Also the rate of job losses seems to be slowing so perhaps we are getting to the bottom there. The dysfunction of our state government remains an issue but overall, I think we will do OK. Here is the link to that report.

2018 Alaska Economic Trends Report 


I keep track of the market regularly and am happy to share the numbers for residential sales in the "core area" of the Mat-Su Valley. Average sales prices were up a little over 1% and the total number of sales was down a little over 8% with the average days on market virtually unchanged. Any questions or comments please let me know and if you are wanting to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate we should talk. I also work in and know the Anchorage/Eagle River marketplace FYI.

2017 10 Year