August 2020 Market Update!!!

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Real Estate

Homes Sales are Sizzling hot 

We listed & put under contract 3 Homes last week!

It is very remarkable the state of our residential real estate marketplace here in the Valley and in many other area's of the country. The number of active listings (Inventory) is almost half of what it was last year and the number of pending sales (Demand) is historically high at over 515 homes compared to about 360 last year! Oh and the average sales price is $303,000 up considerably from last year and the number of sold homes in the past 6 months is up significantly as well.

Mortgage interest rates are the lowest EVER hovering at about 2.75% for a 30 year fixed rate VA or FHA loan! We have a buyer closing next week who took advantage of the Alaska Housing interest rate reduction product who is getting a rate of 1.67%!!! 

There are many factors causing this crazy imbalance between supply and demand. What is crystal clear though is that this is a great time to sell a home and also a great time to buy a home you can Love! I can't imagine we will see this type of market in 2021 or maybe ever again for that matter.

So folks take advantage! Get moved to a better situation where you can ride out whatever the future might bring. WE CAN HELP! Start with an estimate of your home's current market value, or let's get clear on what your dream home looks like and understand the process to help you reach your goals. Call or text Dave, 907-863-7289! 


Active Listings

Whenever you are ready to SELL, I'll be happy to stop by to evaluate your property and show you how we can get your HOME added to the "JUST SOLD" list.

And if you are looking to BUY, I can certainly help in building your home buying plan too, and let's make your DREAM HOME a reality.

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